Introduction of Working Principle of Stone Polishing Machine
Mar 02, 2019

Speaking of stone polishing machine, I believe that everyone is not sure what comes from, for this equipment will have a strange feeling. So, what exactly is a stone polishing machine? In fact, the stone polishing machine is a kind of equipment which can achieve polishing effect by fast running of mechanical equipment and "dry polishing, wet polishing". Then, let's introduce the working principle of stone polishing machine and the knowledge content of influencing factors.

Introduction to the Working Principle of Stone Polishing Machine

Particle grinding: When abrasive particles are grinded from coarse to fine and polished, the abrasive grinding marks on the stone surface change from coarse to fine and then to no trace visible to the naked eye. The surface becomes smooth, smooth and delicate. When the depth reaches 110 microns, the processed surface appears mirror gloss, brilliant and bright.

Physical and Chemical Principles: There are two polishing processes, namely "dry polishing and wet polishing". When the polishing millstone is physicochemical between "dry and wet", dry polishing evaporates water on the surface of the stone, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the polished millstone, thus achieving the strengthening effect. The glossiness of the product begins to meet the ideal requirement, and the glossiness of the product reaches 85 degrees or more. High.


Introduction to the Influencing Factors of Stone Polishing Machine

Type of polishing agent: Although polishing agent is a special kind of polishing material, the difference between polishing agent and grinding material is mainly reflected in the processing mechanism. In principle, some powders with low hardness can also be used as polishing agents. But usually the polishing agent with high hardness is better than the polishing agent with low hardness and has a wide range of applications.

Polishing fluid: Water is a common polishing fluid. It not only plays the role of grinding cooling, but also acts as the medium of physical and chemical action in polishing process. If the polishing of stone is mainly mechanical grinding, such as diamond powder, the polishing fluid is usually better with oil organic liquid, such as sewing machine oil. It has excellent cooling, lubrication and dispersion. Diamond abrasive paste has both water quality and oil quality, and can also be added with colorants.

Polishing disc: Flat stone optical panel is a form of expression of surface grinding of stone. Hard disk made of metal material is often used as polishing disc. The polished surface of floppy disk is easy to yield to a concave surface when the stone is pressed. It is suitable for arc polishing. The wear resistance, adsorbability and elasticity of the medium hard disk are good, and the polishing effect of the flat stone material is also good.

Above is the related content about the working principle and influence of the stone polishing machine. Although stone polishing machine is not the equipment we often see in our life, but consumers can have a good understanding of it.

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