How to See the Precision of Stone Carving Machine
Feb 19, 2019

Everyone knows that the quality of a stone carving machine depends on the accuracy of the processing speed. The smaller the fineness of the stone carving machine, the smaller the engraving can see the precision of the stone carving machine.  The higher the power, the faster the stone carving machine is. If the accuracy of the small size of the stone carving machine is very poor, the rough edges will appear when the high-power engraving is carried out. If the resonance (vibration) of the high-power engraving occurs, the stone engraving machine will also be formed. The accuracy is greatly reduced.


If the stone carving machine can not carry out high-power engraving, then the speed of the use of the stone carving machine will be greatly reduced, so according to the demonstration of the stone engraving machine, it is necessary to affirm the speed of the use of the model stone carving machine, that is, the speed of your engraving business, and the indirect choice of the speed of the market engraving machine will bring you economic benefits.

Stone carving machine consumables should be very low, individual stone carving machine should be able to use ordinary lathe processing tools, the price is only a dozen yuan, but some stone carving machine is dedicated to the whole tool, greatly improving the cost of consumables, the use of processing software is also very important.

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