How to Debug The Bridge Disc Stone Sawing Machine
Jan 14, 2019

As an auxiliary tool to help people improve work efficiency and reduce workload, bridge disc stone sawing machine must undergo a certain process inspection before it is put into production.On the one hand, because of the quality of the machine is uncertain in the vast market at present. On the other hand, the operator can be more familiar with the machine after a certain process of inspection, which is convenient for future operation.Therefore, the bridge disc stone sawing machine must be debugged. Bridge disc stone sawing machine is a high efficiency equipment specially used for cutting stone. So, how to debug the bridge disc stone sawing machine before it is put into use?


1. Check carefully according to the electrical wiring diagram to ensure that there is no mistake before starting.

2. With the method of manual turning, check the firmness of each motor and the tightness of belt and chain, and adjust to the best state.

3. Check the operation of each transmission mechanism to ensure the operation, flexible movement, no obvious jamming phenomenon and stable connection.

4. Check the correctness and firmness of each part position.

5. Check the correctness and firmness of each protective (dust-proof) device.

6. Check the operation of each control handle and button, and ensure its sensitivity and effectiveness.

When all the above checks have been completed, all lubrication places should be lubricated with oil, and the oil injected should be kept clean. At this time, part of the test run can be carried out one by one.

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