How to Assemble the Infrared Medium Sized Stone Trimming Machine
Jan 31, 2019

If the stone cutting equipment does not abide by the operating rules in the use process, it is very likely that the equipment will fail and can not operate normally. The same is true of infrared medium sized stone trimming machine. Sambin infrared medium sized stone trimming machine adopts bridge type structure with large span. At the same time, the application of hydraulic system makes cutting efficiency higher, positioning more accurate, smooth and safe operation. In order to ensure the normal use of the infrared medium sized stone trimming machine, we must complete the assembly before using the infrared medium sized stone trimming machine. What aspects should we pay attention to in the assembly process?

1. Bearing assembly should be cleaned before it is assembled, and anti-rust paint can be removed before assembly; when cleaning, attention should be paid to checking whether the raceway and rolling body are rusted and the rotation is flexible; when assembling the bearing, a layer of lubricant should be applied on the surface of the fittings, and when assembling, if the pressure difference is too large, assembly should be stopped for inspection; when assembling the bearings, the non-model end should be inward and shoulder-oriented; when assembling the bearings are assembled, the bearings should be The direction and position of the additional force should be appropriate. The rolling body of the raceway should not be stressed. It should be beaten evenly and symmetrically. It should not be slammed so as to ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the axis and prevent the installation from tilting.


2. Thread connection should adopt anti-loosening device, according to the actual situation and design requirements, the following commonly used anti-loosening device should be selected; twin nut anti-loosening; spring washer anti-loosening; open pin anti-loosening; stop washer anti-loosening round nut and cushion anti-loosening; symmetrical multi-bolic Bols tightening method should adopt symmetrical sequential tightening, strip connection should be tightened symmetrically from the middle to two directions gradually. The ribbed end of bolted connection should protrude the nut.

3. Carefully do a good job of driving pre-inspection. Examples include: checking the integrity of assembly work, the accuracy and reliability of each connection, the flexibility of moving parts, the normality of lubrication system, etc.

4. Carefully monitor the start-up process. After the machine is started, the main working parameters and moving parts should be observed immediately. The main working parameters include speed of motion, stationarity of motion, spindle rotation, lubricating oil pressure and temperature, vibration and noise, etc. Only when the start-up stage of the movement indicators are normal and stable, can the test run.

5. According to the acceptance conditions of various stone machinery products, test and test the relevant items. For example, the adjustment and test of tool speed and stroke, the adjustment of lifting motion stroke, the test of spindle rotation accuracy, etc.

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