Cutting Method of Infrared Bridge Type Stone Cutting Machine
Feb 16, 2019

Infrared bridge type stone cutting machine processing object (thick plate, thin plate) selection is different, cutting methods are also different. If the thin plate is selected, the program will complete the cutting at the set position by cutting once; if the thick plate is selected, the amount of the left and right feeding cutter should be input, and the time of the unit feeding is counted in seconds, then the program will control the tool holder to move back and forth within the lower limit of the vertical cutter until the cutting is completed.

1. Cutting length (mm): The displacement of the blade lifting and moving vertically to the next cutting position after the blade has been cut by the lowering knife, which cuts the longitudinal length of the stone.

2. Number of blocks: Number of stones to be cut by the longitudinal cutter of the whole wool board;

3. According to the material of wool board and the specific thickness of knife saw, the control system will automatically add the thickness of knife blade and calculate the exact length of cutting knife.

4. Platform angle (0o or 90o);

5. Longitudinal Counting of Cross Beam: Comparing the length of cutting, after each cutting piece is finished, the displacement of the next cutting cross beam is carried out after the tool holder is lifted, and the displacement shown should be equal to the value of the cutting length plus the value of the thickness of the cutter.

6. Cut specifications: show the actual width of the current cutting board;

7. Cut Quantity: Automatically display the number of cut stones in the working process.


      After the cutting of infrared bridge type stone cutting machine is finished, the way of transverse beam and tool holder should be selected; automatic positioning-beam and tool holder can be automatically returned to the set starting position; manual positioning limit switch can set the position and tool holder can be automatically returned to the set starting position.

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