Brief Analysis and Introduction of the Products of Gantry Stone Sawing Machine
Mar 15, 2019

In the process of stone processing, there are many factors affecting the quality of processing, including the status of machinery and equipment, the performance of saw blades, the material quality of raw materials, the processing technology and the level of management, etc. At present, the types of saws used in stone industry can be divided into three types: single column cantilever saws, gantry stone sawing machine and four column frame saws.

Most of the sawing heads of this kind of sawing machine are fixed under the slide box, and the slide box performs reciprocating sawing movement on the cross beam. Sambin stone trimmer knitting tells you that the trolley is fixed during the sawing process, which eliminates the instability caused by mechanical problems of the trolley.

As mentioned before, the resistance of scrap material during sawing can be divided into two parts: the top supporting force in vertical direction and the torsional moment in horizontal direction. Both of them pass through the tool shaft, and the sliding plate acts on the cross beam and then passes on to the two pillars to bear. Because the slideways of chute boxes are mostly designed to be long and the bearing fulcrum distance of horizontal torsion is large, the small edition of Sambin Stone Machinery Co.,Ltd thinks that the bearing capacity of horizontal moment is also large, the crossbeams are generally narrower, and the bearing fulcrum distance of the two tracks on the crossbeam as the bearing fulcrum of vertical top moment is narrower, so the bearing capacity of the top moment is poor. Sambin Stone Machinery Co.,Ltd knitting tells you that the weight of the saw blade head and chute box of this kind of saw is large enough to withstand the action of horizontal force and upper supporting moment. In order to prevent the top, there are anti-top supporting wheels under the chute box of the saw. Once the top force is too large and greater than the total weight of the downward pressure, if the slideway of the slide box is not restricted by the supporting wheel, it will be separated from the contact with the rail surface of the cross beam. In this way, the supporting wheel plays the role of preventing the top, and also ensures the normal contact of the slideway, so as to achieve stable sawing. Sambin Stone Machinery Co.,Ltd knitting tells you that when this kind of saw is equipped with more combined blades, such as when the top force exceeds the weight of the downward pressure, which causes the vibration of the slide plate, it is necessary to adjust the carriage in time, to contact with the lower guide rail of the cross beam, and the carriage wheel will rotate with the movement of the slide box. However, the pressure on the supporting wheel can not be adjusted too tightly, otherwise the resistance of the sliding track will be increased. Therefore, the small edition of Sambin Stone Machinery Co.,Ltd suggests that the top force of the supporting wheel should be adjusted appropriately so that it can rotate freely with the movement of the slideway, top but not tighten, top but not die.


With the increase of the number of saw blades and the length of the cantilever, the deformation of the blade axis increases, which will cause the blade to sway and vibration, and affect the cutting effect. Therefore, the small edition of Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd suggests that the number of combined blades on this kind of saw is also limited.

Of course, this machine is used as a single saw or a small number of large and small saw blades combination, the sawing effect is still very good, so it is widely used by plate mills and stone mills, which is also the most basic stone sawing machine.

The small edition of Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd tells you that compared with gantry stone sawing machine, single arm stone sawing machine has its own advantages in carrying capacity, but the cantilever structure of the cutter shaft has the same characteristics. Therefore, as a combination saw machine, its use and development to the direction of multi-blade combination are equally restricted by the structural form.

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