Analyze the Factors Affecting the Operation Cost of Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine And Solutions
Jan 23, 2019

Stone machinery is widely used in the industry equipment, favored by customers. Diamond disc stone sawing machine is a kind of stone machinery, which is directly used for cutting stone. Because stone machinery and equipment are large-scale cutting stone equipment, it is easy to cause wear and tear or damage, so its use cost is the most concerned problem of users. So what are the factors affecting its cost? How should it be operated to minimize its cost?

Saw blade is an important part of machinery, which directly acts on stone cutting. The factors affecting the sawing cost of diamond disc stone sawing machine include the composition, structure, physical and mechanical properties of stone, technical performance of equipment, technological performance of saw blade and selection of sawing amount. Among these factors, only the control of sawing amount is optional. Therefore, improving stone sawing process is an effective measure to reduce energy consumption, sawing consumption and sawing efficiency to reduce sawing cost. The sawability of stone is influenced by its mineral composition, structure and physical and mechanical properties. Reasonable selection of sawing amount can effectively improve sawing efficiency and reduce energy consumption and sawing consumption.


Mechanical operation is a very important matter, which has a huge impact on cost. So what should be paid attention to in the production of stone cutting machine to reduce costs?Shandong Sambin Machine analysis and explanation it for you.

First of all, stone cutting machine is a kind of mechanical manufacturing products, which can sort out the messy stones to make the required appearance, and can well cooperate with the staff to complete the work. At the beginning of use, it is necessary to wear good work clothes, must wear protective glasses and masks, because cutting stone in the production process will cause varying degrees of dust fluttering, to avoid causing unnecessary injury caused by inhalation of human body.

Secondly, before using the stone cutting machine, we should check whether the operating table is stable or not. We must be careful in this respect, so as to avoid the platform dropping due to excessive stones, causing accident problems. It's better to have trial run several times before operation and work under normal conditions.

Finally, the stone cutting machine must be cleaned up after use, so as to avoid malfunction when it is used again, and turn off the main switch, pay attention to personal safety issues.

The diamond disc stone sawing machine is commonly used as stone machinery and equipment. In using, we should try our best to use it in accordance with the norms to reduce wear and tear of equipment, so as to effectively reduce production costs.

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