Advantages of Stone Profiling Machine and the Factors Affecting Its Service Life
Feb 11, 2019

As a kind of mechanical equipment, stone profiling machine must be operated accurately, so the operators of stone profiling machine must be trained well in order to get on the job and eliminate the problem of improper operation, because improper operation is also a major factor affecting the life of stone profiling machine.

If the worker is not skilled in operating the stone profiling machine or the control is inconsistent, the stone profiling machine will make mistakes in the production process, which will not only cause the damage of the machine equipment itself, but also affect the production quality, if serious, may also lead to accidents. In the working process of the computer configuration machine, besides accurate operation, the problem of overloading of the stone profiling machine should be avoided. If the overloading operation lasts for a long time, the temperature of the machine will be too high and the parts will be damaged too early.

Above is a major factor affecting the life of the stone profiling machine. I hope you will pay more attention to the operation.


Comparing with the traditional mechanical equipment, the stone profiling machine has many advantages, which is why it is so popular with consumers. Let's quickly follow up and learn about it.

1. High versatility, can be used for processing special-shaped flower lines, can also be used as a general cutting machine; can be used in two pieces at the same time, can also be used in a single piece.

2. Reasonable structure, high rigidity and good protection performance.

3. The computer control system with high reliability is adopted in the electrical system, which is easy to operate and highly automated.

4. According to the shape of the processing, the user can first form the pattern by programming, and then implement the processing.

5. The mechanical part and the electrical part cooperate closely, and the machine achieves mechatronics.

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