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Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine

Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine

After years of unremitting efforts,our company have become one of the best stone machinery manufacturers in China.Our independently developed the bridge type combined stone cutting machine enjoys high reputation at home and abroad.We have enough strength
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After years of unremitting efforts,our company have become one of the best stone machinery manufacturers in China.Our independently developed the bridge type combined stone cutting machine enjoys high reputation at home and abroad.We have enough strength to be your supplier in the field of stone machinery.If there is any needs,contact with us.

1 . Product Introduction of the Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine

The bridge type combined stone cutting machine is a board that cuts stone scrap into specified thickness quickly and accurately according to requirements.

At the same time, it is suitable for granite and marble. It is easy to replace saw blades, large processing specifications, flexible adjustment and processing thickness. It is widely used for cutting large-scale scrap materials and special-shaped blank materials.

The equipment itself is stable and can cut two waste materials at the same time, which greatly improves the output and quality. Hydraulic system and electronic control products are all made up of international brand products. The products are stable and durable. The automatic control of stone cutting process is realized. The imported programmable controller is used as the core of safe and reliable equipment, and the man-machine interface operation is realized through computer communication. The modification and setting of working parameters in pairs, the real-time monitoring of working state, and the diagnosis and debugging work ensure the production safety by reliable control.


2 . Product Parameter(Specification) of the Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine

Item no.





Power of main motor





Total power





Max blade diameter





Max vertical stroke





Max Worktable length





Max worktable width





Water consumption















3 . Product Feature And Application of the Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine

The transverse and longitudinal rail of the equipment are oil-immersed, the lifting system is controlled by hydraulic system, and the feed speed of moving slice cutting is adjusted by frequency conversion. It can be adjusted flexibly according to the material of the plate, and the waste material is directly cushioned to the ground for cutting.The crossbeam of the machine is made of high-grade cast iron, and the weight and weight of the machine are cut smoothly. The fuselage adopts V-type sliding plate structure, which is convenient for maintenance. The fuselage lifting adopts four guide pillars sliding hydraulic drive to rise and fall. The side beams are made of integral castings with no distortion and stable structure. High precision oil-immersed screw nut drive is used for front and back slicing, which is convenient for maintenance and debugging.The electronic control system adopts text input, the micro-computer (PLC) adopts imported excellent spare parts, cutting and slicing adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can set various cutting parameters. The machine has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good smoothness, high stability and simple operation. It is suitable for cutting imported high value granite and marble wastes.

1. This machine combines the advantages of high productivity of single-arm large cutting and precision of bridge large cutting. Two pieces of waste material can be placed simultaneously on the double trolley, which has high cutting efficiency and good quality. The whole cutting process is fully automatic controlled by PLC, which can effectively reduce production costs and labor intensity.

2. The magnetic grating is used to divide the slices, and the accuracy can reach micron level.

3. The rotary encoder of lifting mechanism adopts synchronous belt drive mode, and the signal is stable.

4. The lifting guide pillars adopt oil-free self-lubricating bearings to minimize the wear of the guide pillars and keep the machine in the best working condition for a long time.

5. The spindle box is designed with ribs to increase the strength of the box, improve the heat dissipation function and prolong the life of the bearing.



4 . Production Details of the Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine


5 . Product Qualification of the Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine


6 . Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Bridge Type Combined Stone Cutting Machine

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7 . FAQ

Q:What if we can't install it ourselves?

A:We will provide you with installation training, debugging and other services for free through video remote, until you work normally, to ensure that you can process and produce independently.

Q:How is our product line?

A:In our company, the production line use the most advanced equipment, automated production industry-leading level.

Q:What kind of purifier does the machine come with?

A:Oxygen with air gasifier.

8 . Latest News

How to grind and renovate stone materials?

Although it is impossible to replace natural stone, artificial stone will still have a broad market demand and application space in the future. If we want to do a good job of artificial stone nursing, we should have a clear understanding of its advantages and disadvantages.

1, advantages

Compared with natural stone, resin-based artificial stone has many advantages, such as low cost, variety, bright and rich color, strong processability, acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, non-pollution and pathological changes. It can adapt to various requirements and environments, and has a wide range of applications.

2, shortcomings

Unnatural color, decorative effect is not as good as natural stone, low hardness, low wear resistance, easy to scratch.

1. Analysis of the reasons why artificial stones are difficult to shine:

1. Physical Reasons

The temperature, pressure and other conditions of artificial stone forming are far different from those of natural stone, resulting in low density, low specific gravity and low hardness of artificial stone. These factors are directly related to the gloss of stone. Therefore, artificial stone is difficult to shine.

2. Chemical Reasons

On the one hand, the artificial stone contains stone debris and stone powder, after secondary breakage, the crystal structure is destroyed, making it difficult to show the gloss of natural stone. On the other hand, the resin composition of artificial stone will appear glossiness is not obvious, dim and impermeable under the action of abrasion at high temperature.

3. Solutions

Through the cause analysis, we can find the correct solution: on the one hand, artificial stone grinding can not be dry grinding, we must use water grinding. On the other hand, the selected crystalline material should be able to reduce the calcareous component, recrystallize, and produce harder calcium carbonate or calcium metasilicate material, which can be used to make up for the calcium deficiency caused by the chemical composition of artificial stone.

In the environment of low international market and excessive capacity of domestic stone industry, what enterprises can do is to optimize and upgrade all aspects of production and processing from their own point of view, and form a standardized production mode of finishing line to break through their bottlenecks, so as to gain a higher market share. At the same time, Mr. Wang also introduced to reporters two new models after optimization and upgrading - automatic continuous mill and high-efficiency CNC combined saw. They are all new products developed and designed independently by the company by introducing advanced technology from abroad. They are efficient, energy-saving, stable and environmentally friendly, so that customers can buy machines with international industry standards at a price of only one third of the imported equipment. The localization of the present stone industry manufacturing! 

"Strengthening technological improvement, improving technological level, improving management mode and improving service quality are all determined by ideas. Appearance models can be imitated, but the concept and quality can not be removed, which I have always stressed. The firmness in the discourse is our experience of practicing modern thought to lead enterprises to keep pace with the times. "We have an advertisement saying that there is no off-season market, only off-season thinking. Branding is not just about advertising, it's just a way to improve the company's visibility. What really supports the brand is the concept of development, product quality, process technology, R&D capability, service quality, etc. Without these, it is empty shell, breaking at a stroke. And all of these, the most fundamental is thought. When ideas stop, businesses stop and industries stop.

The most intuitive expression of an enterprise's thought is the shaping of enterprise culture. "For enterprises, this is the guiding ideology, can lead enterprises to a better direction. Employees who lack the same ideas will just go to and from work mechanically without any positive creativity. If you want to innovate, if you want to be in the forefront of the industry, you must first let all the employees of the company develop such awareness. Therefore, in order to realize long-term development and modern management of enterprises, we need to change our thinking and traditional concepts first.Sambin Machinery establishes a reward and punishment incentive system to encourage and guide employees to innovate. "We advocate doing new things in cultural concepts, especially if employees create new ways to reduce costs and play a driving role in the development of enterprises and even industries, we will give appropriate bonuses."

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