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The Method And Use Of Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine
2019-03-23 15:20:17

Do you know how to use the infrared bridge type stone trimming machine? Below we will introduce you  the using method of the infrared bridge type stone trimming machine.

1. When working, first start the main motor, then press the work-in button. When cutting begins, because the rocks are mostly irregular shape, the feed speed is slower at this time. Only when all the blades enter the rock sample, can the cutting speed be slightly faster.

2. When cutting the specimen, the feed speed can be adjusted according to the hardness of the rock before working, and the cutter mark may appear when adjusting the feed speed during cutting. When cutting hard rock according to experience, the speed is generally about 40 mm/min.

3. When clamping irregular rocks, the rock sample can be clamped by the top pressure method. The clamping steps are as follows: first, the rock sample is laid flat on the worktable, then the top pressure movable fixture is inserted along the T-slot, the distance between the fixture and the rock sample is selected, the base screw of the fixture is locked, and the top bolt is moved up and down to select a reliable clamping point, and then the top rod is moved and locked, and then the top rod is rotated until the top rod holds the rock. The sample jack is dead and the top rod nut is tightened to prevent the top rod from loosening in the cutting process.

4. When cutting the core sample, if the number of rocks is large, several rock samples can be pressed by the long pressure plate attached randomly and cut together to improve the working efficiency. The steps are as follows: laying the rock sample on the worktable, inserting the pressure plate bolt along the T-groove, inserting one end of the long pressure plate into the square hole of the vertical surface of the worktable, and rotating the nut of the adjustment bolt and the pressure plate bolt, the rock sample can be compacted, such as The diameter of core sample is slightly erroneous. A thin wooden board can be added to the rock sample to make the long compression plate press into the rock sample. This method is also used when clamping and cutting cuboid and cuboid rock samples.


5. After the installation of the infrared bridge type stone trimming machine, switch on the power supply to check whether the parts of the machine rotate flexibly and whether the fasteners are loose.

6. Infrared bridge type stone trimming machine automatically moves in and out of the cutter. When the cutter moves along the worktable to the terminal, it can automatically retreat to the beginning and stop moving. If you need to back up in the process of work, press the quick back button of the console. Fast retreat needs to move forward, press the enter button can also be knife. The cutter can stop moving by pressing the stop button, no matter whether it enters or withdraws the cutter. When working, if it is found that the cutter is far from the rock sample, the fast-forward button can be pressed (hold it down) or the fast-forward button can be clicked. When the blade approaches the rock sample, the button can be loosened. Then press the enter button to cut normally. This can shorten the feeding time.

7. Turn on the power supply and press the host button. Whether the blade turns in the same direction as the arrow. If the reverse is adjusted immediately. After inspection, rock samples can be clamped for cutting. When rock samples are clamped, reliable clamping points should be selected to prevent false clamping and false clamping. In order to avoid damage of cutter and rock sample due to rock movement in cutting process.

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